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На этой страничке  вы узнаете, можно ли делать лазерную эпиляцию при беременности?

Также найдете противопоказания, все за и против лазерной эпиляции.

Можете посмотреть отзывы о лазерной эпиляции на страничке отзывы.

А на другой страничке может посмотреть прайс на лазерную эпиляцию: рук, лица, верхней губы, ног, живота и глубокое бикини.

Before signing up for the procedure, you need to make sure that you have no contraindications.


There are contraindications to the procedure such as:


• Diabetes mellitus at any stage;

• Cancer (you can do it in remission);

• Herpes in acute forms;

• Individual intolerance;

• GW period;


• Severely tanned skin;


Relative contraindications (consultation is needed before the procedure):


• Acute and chronic diseases of the epidermis;

• Moles in places where the laser beam is exposed (we mean large, small and medium ones we cover with a plaster)

• Varicose veins at any stage;

• Influenza, colds and other acute infectious diseases;

• Women's days;

• Burns of any degree;

• Tendency to form scars and scars;

• Scratches, abrasions, bruises;


Nothing on the list? Then you can do it.


VCSEL is the latest technology that allows laser light to penetrate deeper, increasing the effectiveness of dark and light hair removal.


But for light hair, more removal sessions may be needed.


The procedure is absolutely painless and this is not a marketing ploy. But really! Our laser has a modern system that cools the skin down to -10 ° and you feel absolutely nothing.


He also generally works radically differently. In order not to go into technical details, we recommend that you just attend a trial session.


We do not use anesthesia! By the way, it does not penetrate so deeply, so if you are told that anesthesia decides everything, it is not so.


Is it possible to do only 2 sessions of laser hair removal and that's it?


Unfortunately, this will not work to achieve the desired result by going through a course of procedures.


Laser hair removal is a method of getting rid of unwanted hair on your body almost forever (if you do supportive procedures).


It is important to remember that we cannot change physiology. Therefore, the laser cannot remove the process of hair creation that is inherent in nature.


Laser hair removal helps remove all hairs that are in the active phase. Further, the hair does not grow as actively, and very slowly.


Supportive procedures after the course help to remove hairs that appear for six months to 3 years or more.


Before the laser hair removal procedure, you need to shave the area the day before the procedure.

You can use a razor or depilatory cream.


The main thing is to be careful, it is important that there is no damage to the skin, since the laser is prohibited on an open wound.


We don't use a razor for the face, a depilatory cream is better.


It is important to keep the interval between laser hair removal.

Why then?


Laser hair removal helps only in the active phase of hair growth.


The master catches the active growth with the client. Therefore, the intervals between procedures are adjusted individually for each.


For instance:


3 sessions of hair removal have passed and in our 4th session, "sleepy" hair is added, which was not there in the first sessions. In the 4th session, we burn the added hairs and already in 5-6 sessions we work with the remaining hair


For 1-3 procedures, the interval between procedures is 1 month, from the 3rd session we will start doing the interval of 1.5-2 months.


From the 6th session 2-2.5 months.


We recommend laser hair removal during pregnancy and HB, it is better to postpone it.


If you are expecting a baby, skip any light hair removal. Pregnancy itself is not a contraindication, but hormonal changes that accompany its course can trigger increased hair growth.


That is why it is more advisable to start a course of hair removal after childbirth and the end of breastfeeding.


After the birth of the child, you can begin to do a course of procedures when you understand or there will be a certificate from the doctor that the hormonal background has recovered and then start doing the procedures.


After the procedure, in places where the skin is thin, sometimes there may be slight redness.


Redness disappears in such areas for an hour.


Most often, there is no redness.


I did epilation, but there seems to be no effect or is there ?!


And so, let's figure it out!


After the laser removal procedure, the hair is damaged, after 3-4 weeks the damaged hair falls out.


Hair will grow as usual for up to 3 weeks, it will need to be trimmed, but after 3-4 weeks it falls out.


And the second part of the hair that begins to grow will already be much smaller, the hair will be thinner - and this means that the first procedure was performed successfully.


If you see that the hair grows further in the same volume as before the laser removal procedure, and there are no changes - check with your master what was done wrong.


Can epilation be done on women's days?


On critical days, we do not recommend doing laser hair removal in order to avoid unpleasant sensations.


Since during this period there is an increased sensitivity of the skin.


Is your laser worth $ 200k ?!


Of course not. Although there are such lasers. But imagine how much the procedure will cost then?


We always choose the highest quality at a reasonable cost. Our laser is modern and does its job 100%. By the way, it is this laser that removes without pain, without using anesthesia, like this.


There are models with a large display, but inside, the same filling. They are taken for the most part for the large display to add coolness. In fact, the same thing. We are for simplicity and practicality, so we chose this handsome man.


By the way, it resembles a robot from the movies.


Description for those who understand:


The Prime Standard model belongs to the new generation of surface-emitting SLD diode lasers. Due to its design, the SLD matrix has a high radiation resistance to generate high laser powers without destroying the active element.


Synergy of 3 waves in the Prime Standard device: generates a beam of 3 waves at the same time: 755 nm, 810 nm, 1064 nm. The combination of waves of different wavelengths has an effective effect on light fine hair, providing a more comfortable feeling for dark hair.




755 nm - Targets the more convex part of the follicle, ideal for light to fine hair.


810 nm - safe for dark skin, ideal for dark hair removal.


1064 nm - ideal for dark skin, to remove deep-seated hair.


What hormones cause increased hair growth?


Hair growth is affected only by sex hormones, namely testosterone. If testosterone is elevated, you need to look for a problem in the adrenal glands or ovaries.


Question: If you have completed almost the entire course of laser hair removal, and your hair continues to grow, what should I do?


You need to be tested for:


•Total testosterone

(produced by the ovaries)



(produced by the adrenal glands)



(produced by the ovaries,

and adrenal glands)


•Dihydroepiandrostenedione sulfate (produced by the ovaries,

and adrenal glands).


You may have noticed that after epilation, there were places where hairs began to grow more than in other places.


Why is this happening?


Hair follicles are in different phases of growth and, accordingly, lie unevenly at different depths.


Therefore, during the procedure, not all hair is removed (and then will fall out), but only that part that is in the stage of active growth.


Because of this, there may be a partial growth effect (islets). This is normal.


Can you combine depilation and laser hair removal? No !!!


Can you combine depilation and laser hair removal?


Such an effect on the skin can nullify all the efforts of the master and the result of the procedure.


This is due to the fact that after laser hair removal, it is unacceptable to pull out the hairs by the roots.


The bulb itself will completely die over time. And if you pull it out during depilation, a new healthy follicle will grow in this place.


The result is that hair growth will resume. You should not undergo any procedures that remove vegetation by the roots, otherwise everything will have to start over.


To achieve the full effect, you need several sessions of laser hair removal.


In each case, the amount is different. For example, if you are doing laser hair removal for the first time, you will need 6-8 sessions. Depends on the amount of hair, structure and color.


Attention! Sessions are not every month. The first 3-4 procedures are done in a month. And from the 4th procedure already, after 1.5-2-2.5 months.


When the full course is completed, supporting procedures will be needed once every 1-2 years.


If suddenly, something is not understood, write in the comments.


Well, it happens, but you want a beautiful bikini ... Do not worry, you are at the doctor's appointment, really it is.


The procedure is performed by an experienced cosmetologist. Believe me, it's hard to surprise her with something. So relax and be calm.


Not everyone can do epilation, so write to a convenient messenger and get a free consultation from a beautician.



Who will start the course this month gets a 30% discount on the first session

and -20% for the course (all zones)


Write to us in a convenient messenger, and the administrator will calculate the cost for you.


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